Corporate Design

Corporate Design and Art Direction for the Berlin based design collective. Development of a word mark, web design, labeling, as well as campaign layout and textile designs.

Standardclothing is a collaborative design collective founded by Nam Hoang Nguyen in 2017. The concept is to create a laboratory for inventive clothes and products that elevate day-to-day experiences.

The Corporate Identity is inspired by the functionality of the clothing. It strives to be decent but distinctive. The Design reflects contemporary information consumption and the idea of overbranding. A always visible information layer can be applied on any kind of format—from moving pictures to photography campaigns and scarves.

Creative Director: Hoang Nam Nguyen
Stylist: Natacha Voranger
Art Director: Fred Heinsohn
Photographer Series 1: Joseph Kadow
Photographer Series 2: Phillip Koll
Videographer Series 3: Fritz Marlon Schiffers
Make-Up: Susanna Jonas
Hair: Dushan Petrovich
Shoes in collaboration with David Kaltenbach
Scarves in collaboration with Fred Heinsohn